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Pharmacy Tech Complete CurriculumSelf enrolment

Full curriculum for the Pharmacy Technician Course.

Pharmacy TechnicianSelf enrolment

The Pharmacy Technician Course will take you back to the roots of pharmacy, explain the laws and regulations that govern the practice of pharmacy, outline medical terminology, cover the components of a prescription, and the process of filling a prescription, expose the various environments of pharmacy along with details within each setting such as extemporaneous compounding, third party issues, inventory aspects, and aseptic technique, and finally this course gives insight into pharmaceutics.

PharmacologySelf enrolment

The Pharmacology Course dissects the major body systems and gives synopses of common medical conditions along with the appropriate drug therapies. You will venture into a variety of drug information such as how drugs work in the body, drug interactions, safety parameters, special storage requirements, and more. Helpful learning tips will assist maximizing retention of the names, and indications for the top prescribed drugs.

Pharmacy CalculationsSelf enrolment

Pharmacy Calculations is an imperative course that helps to remove walls of math insecurities. Simple, step-by-step, systematic approaches are provided to help build, strengthen, or polish abilities in solving pharmacy math questions such as converting between units of measurement, temperature conversions, days supply, infusion rates, allegations, dilutions, powder volumes, and working with percentages and ratio concentrations. This course turns fear of math into fun in math!

The Final ExamGuest access requires passwordSelf enrolment


This is a cumulative final that combines all three courses (The Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacology, and Pharmacy Calculations) which will help to assess your pharmacy knowledge and understanding after completion of the program. The exam is structured similarly to the national certification exams, which consist of 90 multiple-choice questions.